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How Does Building An Online Business Work?

Putting the Pieces Together
How To Build An Online Business

Online Entrepreneur Guide (OEG) Vol. 1

Building Your Online Business requires just a few basic steps. These steps will be explained down below. These are the building blocks to get started.

WordPress Website Host Provider Domain Name Niche Marketing
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What Is A Website?

One can compare the process of building a website to the building of a retail store.


To build a retail store one needs 3 main structures:

1) A Parcel of Land with an address – a Domain Name (URL).
2) A Foundation to hold the store – a Hosting Provider.
3) The retail store itself – a building (WordPress) with different rooms holding content (Niche).

It is an interface on the Internet. Any time you click on to an Internet Browser, (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari) you are looking at a website.

30 Seconds To Your Own Website