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My Journey To Becoming An Online Entrepreneur

Hello everyone. My name is Susie. I learned “How To Start An Online Business With No Money” in 2014.

I’ve been learning “how” to create an online business since 2008.

This is me hanging out at the lake as a PADI Certified Open Water Instructor.
What I like to do for fun!


I am what some people would say “Highly Educated”, others say I have joined the ranks of “Overqualified” for most jobs. I think of myself as “Committed to Life Long Learning”. Each of my degrees were to learn about passions of mine:

  1. Computers
  2. Management
  3. Leadership

I started my journey with a BBA Degree in Business Compute Information Systems years ago and learned pretty much all things having to do with mainframe programming (not internet websites). I started working as an application programmer coding in COBOL. After a few years of coding I decided to go into Management.

The company paid tuition reimbursement so I decided “why not?” I earned a BBA in Management. I spent many years managing mainframe application computer programmers. Several years passed while I worked, paid the bills, and raised my son.

We participated in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts of America (BSA) from the time he was old enough to join Cub Scouts until he graduated high school. He became an Eagle Scout and now is an adult volunteer for the BSA. The 12 years I participated with him, by being an adult leader of his troop, created memories I will never forget.

Why would I bring my son up? He is my inspiration and driving force throughout my journey of becoming an Online Entrepreneur.

I changed jobs and the new company had a tuition reimbursement program too. My son graduated high school and I suddenly found a considerable amount of free time. I decided to continue my education and earned a Doctorate of Management (DM) in Organizational Leadership.

I started looking around 8 years ago after I graduated for “what’s next for me”. I searched the world wide web and attempted many, many, many different ways to earn money online. Feel free to click on any of the below links to find out what each of these types of websites are.

I tried several types of websites:

1) An Affiliate Website
2) A Blog Website
3) A Forum Website
4) A Drop Shipping Website
5) A Digital Products Website
6) A Membership Website
7) An E-Commerce Website (B2C)
8) A Portal Website (B2B)

I ran into many products that were great in teaching one part or one piece of the puzzle, the big picture eluded me. Then I found Wealthy Affiliate. I quickly realized WA had all the needed pieces to the puzzle in one place.


I also ran into many just flat out scams. Over time these started to really piss me off. So, I learned the warning signs on how to avoid them. I also started paying attention to refund policies. Now I don’t even worry about refunds. If I am unable to take a FREE test drive then I am not interested in pulling out my credit card.

In August of 2014, I was researching yet another “Online Business Opportunity” promising the world with very little effort required. I started searching for reviews on it and landed on a review site to this day I am grateful for. The review pretty much said “Stop, No Don’t Give Them Your Money”.

There was also a #1 Recommended Online Business Opportunity saying “take it for a FREE test drive”. There were no promises of riches, no guarantee for success, just straight talk about the need to learn to earn by building a strong foundation for an Online Business. The truth about how it doesn’t happen overnight. No images of Clickbank sales history, bank accounts, big house, and/or expensive cars like many of the ‘gurus’ use. No promises of getting rich quick.

The Community, Training, and Mentoring provides a step by step manner teaching me HOW to become an Online Entrepreneur. Finally I am making money online. All of this without paying out a dime or even entering my credit card number anywhere.

Wealthy Affiliate has allowed me to get to where I am at today. I am now full time as an Online Entrepreneur.

If you can commit to working through the training, Wealthy Affiliate can help you achieve YOUR own goals.

Regardless of your age, race, education, or income level, you can learn how to do what I do.

How Can You Earn Money Online?

The Shortest Answer: By helping people!

How can helping people make ME money?

You will learn how to make small websites about very specific topics, also known a niches. Your website will show up in Google when someone is searching for your topic. They will find your website and read what You write.

The information you decide to write about can contain a link to a specific product sold online. When someone clicks on the link and buys, you will make a commission.

This 1:44 second video explains at a very high level how all of this works!

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I can honestly say if I had not put in the time, energy, money, and effort over those 7 years I might have missed just what a gold mine Wealthy Affiliate really is. WA is much bigger then the training provided. The community is something I have never seen on the Internet.

People helping People. Successful Online Entrepreneurs assisting and mentoring community members. There is an 7 X 24 Online Chat to ask for real time answers, preventing people from getting “stuck”

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